Product Design & Development

H2 Manufacturing Solutions (H2) is proud to assist manufacturers looking to grow and optimize their manufacturing products or create new products to solve specific problems. We roll up our sleeves and work closely with our client’s team to understand what they need to produce a high-quality product for their customers. Whether they are re-evaluating current products or creating new products, the H2 team can help.

Services overview

  • Customer Identification: Identify the right customer
  • Design for Manufacturability: Cost analysis of manufacturing practices; solutions for the best approach to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.
  • Product Layout & Design: Analyze product requirements and design for manufacturability to create the layout of a product to solve your needs.
  • Supply Chain setup: H2 will identify the necessary vendors for your outsourced processes. This is a critical part of manufacturing. Identifying reliable, consistent sources will build a positive reputation in your industry.

Capital Equipment Needs Commodity/Technology + Design for Manufacturability + Supply Chain. The full-service setup helps streamline your timeline and get you manufacturing sooner, more reliably, efficiently, at an optimized cost of production.

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