Grant Consulting

H2 Solutions offers comprehensive grant writing assistance and investment pitch services to manufacturers looking for infrastructure-based grants.

While grant money brings invaluable capital, the grant processes can be pretty time-consuming. It takes staff away from the day-to-day operations to; search through thousands of potential solicitations, figures out which one is the ‘right fit,’ write the grant proposal and deal with the follow-up meetings, calls, and emails with the potential funder. analyze

H2 has over 30 years of experience in this process of writing and securing grants. We offer many different levels of involvement in this process, from identifying the right grant opportunity, application reviews and suggestions, and total management of the grant process. Based on our successful track record for competitive grant writing and awards, we give our clients the competitive advantage they need to get the financial support they seek to grow their businesses.

“Hostetter in particular is well known in Colorado for her political acumen for advancing AM—a sort of Rocky Mountain evangelist for additive who crisscrosses the state, networking on behalf of Faustson as well as H2 Manufacturing Solutions, her consulting service for advanced manufacturing. So in 2014 when Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper pushed forward infrastructure legislation to start an advanced industry accelerator branch fund, Hostetter seized the opportunity. The grant proposal stipulated that the accelerator would have to benefit the state’s seven top industry sectors, and involve private industry and a nonprofit as well as an academic institution.”

Brent Donaldson
Senior Editor
Additive Manufacturing Media

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