Joe Jackman

Director of Delivery

Joe Jackman has a background in developing company-wide systems and operational excellence roadmaps for the future. He has worked with companies from one employee to Fortune 500 companies, with experience in culture change, lean manufacturing, data analysis, and advanced technology implementation. When out of the office, he spends most of his time out in the mountains rock climbing or snowboarding.

He joined the team at the end of 2019 and aided in the pivot when producing 3d printed masks for the community. After that, he worked to automate a system for auditing a facility’s COVID practices to keep people safe. His background in microbiology and programming created a safe and repeatable program used in Denver, Boulder, and San Miguel county. His main focus as a consultant is finding a way for the solutions to stick. He has had national news attention for the programs that helped businesses survive and grow during COVID times.

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