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Manufacturing is key to our Economy

Fun Fact: "Manufacturing has always been a key contributor to the United States economy. The industry's contribution to GDP was a little more than $2.85 trillion for the third quarter of 2023, about 10.3% of output.(source:  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. "Gross...

Value of ITAR

Did you know by getting your ITAR certification for under $5k, you can almost immediately increase your stream of revenue by 30%?

“We brought in H2 in when we started looking at additive manufacturing possibilities. They gave us outstanding insight into how it can benefit our business, and we are in the process of implementing 3D printing now. H2 is on top of the latest technologies, and they offer a fresh look at the challenges manufacturers face. Working with them everyday on the project was a pleasure. H2 does so much for manufacturing in this community with their volunteer efforts. They’re not just in it for the money.”

Paul Harter

CEO, Aqua-Hot Heating Systems

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