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Business Transformation

These are the products H2 has developed through experience, testing, and constantly improving to find the most effective way to improve and transform businesses towards their goals and ideals.


Our holistic approach to partnering with you and working through your most difficult issues


Get your entire company communicating and problem solving like champs


Helping your business adapt to new products or lines of work

“I met Heidi 8 years ago while working with Faustson to help implement lean manufacturing and ISO quality training. When H2 was formed, they had valuable expertise, and thus we added them to our short list of approved partners for Manufacturers Edge, the CO Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). We have contracted with H2 for a number of programs, including technology and innovation workshops, sales training, and in support of our Federal Additive Manufacturing Grant due to their expertise using additive manufacturing. H2 is a partner who helps to keep Colorado on the front end of innovative manufacturing technologies.”

Sumer Sorensen-Bain
Business Excellence Group

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