H2 WorkForce

Be Prepared

  • Many raw material prices have increased dramatically in the last year.
  • Lead times have increased for many materials and parts.
  • The US Chamber of Commerce’s “available worker ratio” suggests that there are enough people to fill unfilled jobs but skillset match is the issue.

H2 WorkForce is a marketplace that matches employers looking for talent with employers who have available talent. This is different from other shared employment systems in that it utilizes business leader determined skills matching to ensure that the employees that employers source require minimal training.

What makes the skills matching system work is that in the marketplace, employers input employee skill proficiencies on multiple, pre-identified skills that H2 that are relevant to an occupation/trade. By having employers rate the employee’s skill proficiencies, a more accurate assessment of performance and capability is achieved. When an employer identifies an employee to perform specific work, they know they will have a skilled employee.

Skill proficiency accuracy continues to be refined for employees in the system as each business reviews the employee and their skills following every assignment. H2 also plays an active role throughout to ensure that employee skills are accurate and possess the necessary talent.  

The 4-Step H2 WorkForce WorkShare System

The Process: Apply for the program at h2workforce.org (step 1). Once the required documents are provided, access to the joint employment system is granted, and employees can be offered or requested (Step 2). Employers then send and accept work share requests (Step 3). While work shares are active continuous feedback is solicited (Step 4) to ensure that skill assessments and matches are on target.

1.  Application Process: The application collects information about the company regarding location, safety history, etc. It also has a series of legal documents that must be submitted to create a safe and trusted program. Upon completing the application, the employer gains access to the H2 WorkForce system.

2.  Providing and Receiving Employees: Employers have full access to the marketplace once their application is approved. Employers add their employees to the talent pool and rate the skills associated with each employee. This allows companies to search for specific skills when seeking employees. The skills assessed and searched upon are detailed, specific to a role, and identified and pre-populated by H2. When the desired employees are found, request a work share from the other company.

3. Confirming a Work Share: Once an employee is found that fits the employer’s standards, the H2 WorkForce allows employers to reach out to their respective companies, negotiate prices, and confirm work shares. Once a work share is confirmed the H2 WorkForce website also allows both parties to report any issues that may occur during the process.

4.  Performance and Feedback Collection:  Once a work share has been accepted, H2 Manufacturing Solutions monitors performance and solicits feedback daily for the employee and weekly for the employer. These Feedbacks and performance assessments are so that the H2 WorkForce system can adjust for skills and any concerns either party might have.

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