H2 CAP is a corrective action process that standardizes how your company handles problems during production and helps prevent these problems from occurring again in the future. Our proprietary cloud-based tracking system allows for access and understanding of the corrective actions that occur with access to the findings of the root cause and resulting actions from anywhere.

Why this matters

With this tool, you can measure exactly why and how often a quality defect occurs. By knowing this, you can see your employee’s progress as they learn how to prevent these defects from continuing to occur.  By implementing this structured process to help employees to reduce defects, they reduce their rework and your labor costs thus resulting in an increase in overall profitability.

When H2 CAP is implemented, your company will have fewer defects and a culture of operational quality. Company leadership will be able to identify when and why their attrition is occurring and allows your entire team to help solve the problem and prevent it in the future. This takes a load off the shoulders of company leadership by allowing everyone on the team to be actively involved in problem resolution and prevention.


  • Identify where your attrition is coming from and what is causing it.
  • Empower your employees to identify the root cause of problems and solve production issues before the product leaves your facility.
  • Decrease the amount of rework required and improve workplace morale.
  • Institutionalize a culture of quality and efficiency.
  • Increase the likelihood of return customers.

  • Save time and money.


“As someone that is very customer centric, I can tell you if you don’t have quality, you don’t have anything. If you can’t offer ease, you can’t offer anything.  So we had to get a handle on errors both internal and external.  

We had to implement a valid Corrective Action system to start determining where the errors were arising. Was it an equipment issue, a people issue, a learning curve, a process issue? The only way to identify these things is to collect the data and analyze it, which this process naturally requires one to do.  

I bought the company and March 30th was my first official day as the owner. We issued approximately 18 Corrective Actions. Since June, after implementing H2 CAP, we have issued 3. These numbers show how we took the data, made  changes, and implemented processes to stop the bleeding.”

-Heidi Hostetter, CEO, Colorado Tech Shop

    Product & Market Opportunities

    H2 CAP was designed for contract manufacturers across any industry to help ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. H2 CAP would be especially useful for small companies that do not currently have a Corrective Action system in place or a dedicated Quality Control Manager.

    What Will I Get With H2 CAP?

    At the conclusion, you will have the following:

    • Our Corrective Action Template and training for your employees on how to fill out and when it is needed
    • Training on root cause analysis
    • H2 will build the corrective action process into your current operations with checks to ensure that CARs are being issued when they are needed
    • A cloud-based log of all CARs for ISO compliance and for employees and management to see each CAR’s information and status

    How Long Will This Take?

    Implementing H2 CAP will take about 5-8 weeks. This timeline includes time for analyzing the current process, customizing the system to your needs, installing it into everyday operations, and training current staff to ensure these updates are sustained when control of the process is handed back to the employees.

      For next steps, email or call:

      Email: Heidi@h2manufacturingsolutions.com
      Cell: (303) 517-6541

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