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Northern Colorado Manufacturing

Business Excellence Group

{We hired H2 to come in and help identify what were the real linchpins, the 2 or 3 items that could be identified and improved on that would make the most difference in our struggles. Heidi and her team swooped in and within 2 weeks had accurately identified the various issues, had created new processes, new forms, and new tools and then TRAINED all our staff on them, so that we literally felt like a new company in just two weeks! Who does that !??  Morale improved, workflow improved, frustration and errors greatly decreased, the time from PO to completion was reduced, streamlining the whole process. Heidi and her team interacted seamlessly with my team, engaging with them on a deep level in their day to day, so they could make changes in real time and they continue to be on stand by to help adjust the new tools if needed, as we get used to them. Our staff were consulted at each and every step, so not only were they able to give crucial input but H2 made them feel like an integral part of the team and process, which I appreciated. Everyone was so happy with the entire process and the results were nothing short of amazing!{
Katie Hedrick
Colorado Tech Shop
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