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Faustson Tool

Faustson Tool is a worldwide leader in five-axis manufacturing technology. Their five-axis milling and multi-axis EDM capabilities offer the precision needed to manufacture the most challenging applications known to the machining industry.

Faustson Tool also offers a variety of three and four-axis milling and turning capabilities to assist in the efficient production of standard part solutions. They specialize and currently service the Aerospace, Aeronautics, Defense, Energy, Medical, and Semiconductor industries. 

The latest addition to Faustson’s portfolio is state-of-the-art 3D metal printing. Please contact H2 Manufacturing Solutions to learn more about this cutting-edge technology that can save you time and money during the design phase of your metal manufacturing projects. 

3D metal printing is a game-changer.

Change your game.

Contact Faustson Tool today.

{Heidi has personally helped me become a better CEO and manager in almost every way. It's pretty incredible to have someone who can fix your shop but then also help you where you are struggling on a personal level within the business, as most of us owner/operators have a hard time separating our selves from our businesses (I know I do)  Heid provided guidance on crucial negotiations and lent her years of experience many times, so I was able to make better decisions that would affect the future of the company. All of this was done in a warm, personal, yet very professional manner. I am not one who is easily impressed but once again, I can't recommend Heidi and H2 highly enough, there is just no one like them anywhere.{
Katie Hedrick
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