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COVID 19 Policies and Procedures

H2 Solutions is taking the following steps to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID 19 to our staff and our customers through the following policies and procedures.

  • Meetings – Meetings will be conducted virtually whenever possible. We are happy to host meetings using our premium Zoom channel.
  • Remote Work – Our staff is working from home unless an on-site audit or inspection is required. On-site will only be performed if it cannot be handled remotely.
  • Social Distancing – When working around others, strict 6-8ft social distancing rules are in effect.
  • Face Coverings – All staff are required to wear face coverings when any in-person interaction is occurring, even if social distancing is being observed. This includes “off the clock” time, as we don’t want our employees to either contract COVID-19 or transmit it to others in the event they are infected but asymptomatic. To this end, we have provided cloth face masks to all employees.
  • Testing – we have contracted the services of COVIDCheck Colorado to provide testing services for our employees. All employees will be tested weekly at no cost to the employee.

Additional activities related to our response to COVID-19

From the first cases being reported in China, we had concerns about how COVID-19 was going to affect manufacturers and the world. When Wuhan Province went into lockdown, many of our client companies felt immediate shortages in their supply chain. We have worked diligently to help them close the gaps by shortening their supply chains and working with local companies.

Additionally, we partnered with several Colorado companies and formed the Colorado Manufacturers COVID Task Force and have produced over 1500 Respirator Masks which have been distributed to Domestic Violence Prevention groups, Homeless Shelters, Senior Residential Facilities, Fire Departments and Law Enforcement to name a few. These are being provided to any who need them at no cost through funding from the Warehouse Business Accelerator, a non-profit organization that was set up in response to the floods of 2013 and perfectly positioned to aid us in the project.

{I love the way H2 did the trainings because they were so custom tailored to my specific needs and business and because they were private sessions, we were able to go at my pace (sometimes faster, sometimes slower) and they were wonderful in making sure that I understood all the information well before moving on. They even created a sales binder for me to track all my sales calls and visits and explained in depth how to best utilize it. Even though the entire training was incredibly helpful, I think the two best things were when we did role playing so I could learn how to handle runarounds and blocks from potential clients. Once I was comfortable roleplaying with them, Adam took me out on actual sales calls so I could watch the process and then do the process on my own with him right there, guiding things if needed. I found this to be absolutely invaluable. I feel that this has increased my confidence and skill set in sales 100-fold and I'm actually excited to start doing sales calls for the business. I have no doubt this will lead to both short term and long-term increases in our revenue which will help us grow and add more space and jobs.
Katie Hedrick
Colorado Tech Shop
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