Colorado Holiday Gift Guide

Jul 19, 2021

The holiday season is upon us! When shopping for gifts, remember that Colorado manufactures some fantastic products right here in the state, and you could probably find something perfect for that special someone made locally!

Some gift ideas include –

Beer, Wine, and Spirits – Colorado’s thriving industry produces some of the highest quality beverages in the world, and you’d be surprised how affordable they are. Almost every neighborhood liquor store carries a variety of Colorado products and would be happy to make recommendations. Some of our favorites include Big Fat Pastor, Plum Creek Cellars, Odell Brewing, and the Colorado Sake Company.

Outdoor Recreational Equipment – Colorado is probably best known for its stunning outdoors. Chances are you or someone you know would love a gift to help them enjoy it fuller. Whether it’s a bike from Borealis Fat Bikes, a tent from Big Agnes, or a stand-up paddleboard from Hala Gear, Colorado Manufacturers have something for everyone.

Educational Toys – Some of our favorite toys growing up were the ones that taught us stuff, and there are new generations of these toys that will help inspire and educate kids, like Brackitz, Apogee Rockets, and Cubelets from Modrobotics.

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