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5 Star Safe Library

Core Documents


  • Editable Versions of signs most commonly requiring customization
  • Main Signs – PDF files of standardized signs, including the Colorado Mask Required Signage

“Heidi has personally helped me become a better CEO and manager in almost every way. It’s pretty incredible to have someone who can fix your shop but then also help you where you are struggling on a personal level within the business, as most of us owner/operators have a hard time separating our selves from our businesses (I know I do)  Heid provided guidance on crucial negotiations and lent her years of experience many times, so I was able to make better decisions that would affect the future of the company. All of this was done in a warm, personal, yet very professional manner. I am not one who is easily impressed but once again, I can’t recommend Heidi and H2 highly enough, there is just no one like them anywhere.”

Katie Hedrick
Colorado Tech Shop

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