Top 5 Things you can do to Better Prepare Your Company for COVID-19

Jul 19, 2021

Top 5 things you can do to prepare your company to ride out COVID-19

  1. Come up with a scheduling/remote work/cross-training plan NOW. – If you can stagger shifts to reduce the number of employees in the building at a given time, do so. This will keep you running and your people working.
  2. Tell your employees the plan. It will reduce panic and uncertainty.
  3. Monitor school closings/other things that are affecting your employees so you can respond. Be flexible with employees who may need to modify their work schedule while schools are closed.
  4. Inform/reassure employees of their options for sick leave for themselves and family members. Make sure they stay home if they are sick. Even if they do not have COVID-19, they may be at greater risk for contracting it, and they may still transmit other diseases to your workforce.
  5. Have a plan for if an employee develops symptoms or is diagnosed with COVID-19.
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